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Photo Gallery

Models and Miniatures Models and Miniatures Titanic model repair, "Titanic: The Movie on Tour" One project undertaken by Paramount Parks/Paramount Production Services was a national touring exhibit of costumes, props, and other memorabilia from the 1998 Paramount film "Titanic." The ship model had been damaged in storage/shipping, and I worked with the props team sent to repair it for the tour. The exhibit won two EVIE (Events in Excellence) Awards from the Charlotte chapter of the International Special Events Society. 193753454 Titanic model repair, "Titanic: The Movie on Tour" 193753031 "Gene" doll The Gene Marshall doll is a 15.5 inches tall collectible fashion doll inspired by Hollywood's Golden Age, created by illustrator Mel Odom. Each doll features an intricate movie-styled theme based upon fashions from the 1930s, 40s and 50s as well as Hollywood's version of historical costuming. For several years running, designers at Paramount Production Services would participate in creating an original Gene costume for auction at the annual collector's convention, with the proceeds going to charity. For the "50's Flashback"-themed convention, I created this "I Love Lucy" inspired outfit, a pair of "silk" pajamas complete with bunny slippers. 193756458 "Gene" doll--hat Another Gene doll design created by a Paramount designer for the "50's Flashback" auction. This was a recreation of Audrey Hepburn's dress/hat in the film production of "My Fair Lady." I created the hat to accompany the costume. 193756712 Gene as Mrs. Darling ("Peter Pan") A third Gene design, this one for the Broadway-themed auction. The dress design/rendering (center) is my own; it had actually been drawn for a separate design project, but only as a concept, and I decided to realize the actual dress in miniature for Gene. The character is that of Mrs. Darling in her evening dress as she may have looked in a version of "Peter Pan," I patterned and created the entire outfit, including the bustle cage/petticoat, gloves, dress bodice and skirt, and shoes. I also created the hair style, which required an additional separate braided piece as well as the miniature roses to complete. 206090607 Kidzville play area model, Paramount King's Dominion theme park "Kidzville" was a children's play area in the Paramount's King's Dominion theme park (Doswell, VA), and had been designed by Paramount Production Services architects. I assisted in the build on the architectural model. 193758859 Dollhouse diorama This diorama was created as an entry for the 2011 NC State Fair. The floor and bar structure were built of 1/4" foam core, painted with acrylic in the case of the floor and bar top, and covered with red vinyl for the bar side. The "drinking glasses" were cut from the tips of eyeliner pencil caps, while the plates and cake tray are made of buttons and beads. The stools were built of bottle caps, with a wooden dowel center support, and the sign on the bar is made of matchsticks and a poster board scrap with hand lettering. The pizza tray is the lid from a juice can, with a pizza of felt scraps, and the pies are made of bottle caps filled with beads for the fruit filing and a felt crust. This entry won First Place in the Handicrafts and Hobbies/Miniatures category. 193760244 Miniature "brass" bed Another NC State Fair entry was this miniature "brass" bed, complete with mattress, bedsheet, pillow, and comforter. The bed frame was made from wooden dowels and plastic beads, with a "rope" support for the mattress made of string. The entry took First Place in the Handicrafts and Hobbies/Miniatures category. 193779904 Puppet Shoes for "The Borrowers" These tiny shoes were custom made to fit several wooden artist mannequins for a production of "The Borrowers" at the Childen's Theatre of Charlotte. 206090297