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Photo Gallery

Dying and Aging Dying and Aging Boot covers for Benjamin Martin (Mel Gibson), "The Patriot" Mel Gibson had difficulty running in the full boots that had been made for him, so for the action scenes, a pair of leather boots covers were made to fit over his athletic shoes. The covers were aged and distressed to match the existing boots. 193750138 "The New World" A large amount of general costume distressing/aging was required for this period film, with the majority of it being completed at the base camp on site. One of my most difficult projects was dyeing velvet pants and sleeves to exactly match an existing tunic in this costume for Christopher Plummer. The bottom right photo shows two progressively aged chemises for the character Pocahontas. 193750139 Tote bags for "Homeland," season 4 These tote bags were used in a robbery scheme in Season 4 of "Homeland;" approximately 50 of them had to be distressed to varying degrees. The left top photo shows the new bag as it came from the supplier; the bag on the right and the bottom photo show the totes as they looked after distressing. 193660981 Shoes for the character Marcus Brody (Damien Lewis), "Homeland," Season 4 These shoes had to be taken down from being brand new to looking worn and lived in. They were worn by the character Marcus Brody in the Season 4 finale. 193660982 Distressed tunic, "Homeland," Season 4 finale In the final episode of "Homeland," Season 4, several of the characters are caught in a major vehicle explosion. This tunic/pants combination was worn by one of them, and needed to look spattered and bloody. 193660983