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Photo Gallery

Props and Set Decoration Props and Set Decoration "Bug Room" interior design elements These decorative wall hangings and pillow were commissioned for a child's nursery, and were created to match the existing upholstery fabric. The wall hangings are a combination of a painted background (acrylic) and colored construction-paper figures. The pillow was patterned after the turtle in the fabric, and is constructed of plush fur scraps, stuffed with Polyfill. 193652833 Wedding cake pincushion Created as a commissioned wedding gift, this pincushion is made from layers of EVA foam stacked/cut and covered with fabric to create the individual "cake" tiers. The cake tiers were then decorated with gimp trim (to simulate icing) and fabric flowers. Actual cake-decorating plastic columns were used to separate the tiers, and the entire piece is glued to a plastic serving plate, with additional flowers around the bottom edge. 193652834 Giant Quarter Prop, Paramount Parks This quarter prop was created for a stage show at one of the Paramount Parks. It's constructed of a plywood core sandwiched between two layers of 1/4" EVA foam, with the "heads" and "tails" bas relief also sculpted of EVA. The rim and fluted edging were created from 1/2" ethefoam backer rod, and the lettering/numbers were printed for me of vinyl by the company art department. Once the quarter had been constructed, it was coated and sprayed silver, with the detaling further defined in black marker. 193661543